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Dress Code

Club Sakura is an alternative fetish event held on the second Saturday of each month from 10pm-3am in Old Street, London. 


It is a welcoming and inclusive event for both experienced players and people dipping their toe into the scene for the first time.

We at Club Sakura are passionate about celebrating and championing the best of the Alternative, Goth and Fetish subcultures.

Miss Sakura has carefully selected her team to ensure that every event not only gives its guests a unique experience, but is one carried out in a safe and monitored environment.

All the staff in the Club Sakura team are veterans of the fetish scene and have a wealth of experience. We also welcome regular guest Dommes – including some from our sister event Club Femdom.

Our aim is to cater for both experienced players and newcomers alike. In order to facilitate this on top of our monthly rope demos, there are regular workshops from a variety of skilled players from the scene speaking on various topics and kinks.

- Fetish wear


- Latex

- Lingerie

- Leather

- Smart black trousers/ironed shirt (no T-shirts)

- Fantasy

- Uniforms

- Glamour etc....

If you do not adhere to the dress code then you will be asked to leave - no refunds!

The Venue

MA1 Bunker Bar is an intimate venue located underground. This provides the perfect space to explore your kinks in a setting that’s delightfully mischievous.


There are three separate play areas where you can expect to find rope play, foot worship, spanking and more. There are also smaller curtained off spaces, perfect for those who would like to play less publicly.


All areas are monitored by our carefully selected house riggers, Dom/mes and hosts who are happy to answer any kink/BDSM questions.


Strictly no photography allowed.

Sexual acts and nudity are not permitted in any areas.


Consent is 100% required and expected at Club Sakura. Every guest should be able to enjoy the event free of harassment. Always ask before touching anyone or playing with anyone at Club Sakura. Failure to follow this rule results in an instant ban.


Please make sure that all equipment is wiped down after use.


The House safe word is red.


If you appear to be intoxicated we will put you on a timeout and you may be asked to leave.


We do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. Failure to follow this rule results in an instant ban.


If you see something that you think is not allowed, or if you have a problem yourself, please approach a member of the team (sparkly lanyards).

Anyone who does not follow these simple rules risks being ejected and barred for life.



Event List






Club Sakura takes place 2nd Saturday of every month.

NEXT EVENT: 13th Jul 2024


Miss Sakura runs Club Femdom, London's premier high protocol Femdom event.

NEXT EVENT: 31st Aug 2024




Join Miss Sakura and her team for the debut of Pet Players London, for pet play enthusiasts. 12:30pm-5:30pm

NEXT EVENT: 22nd June 2024








Open to seasoned pet players and people dipping their      paws in for the first time!
Puppy area! Kitten Area! Pony grooming station!

Wear your Pet Play gear with pride!

Only 50 tickets for this event so get them while they're hot!

Join Miss Sakura at London's latest Pet Play event!

NEXT EVENT: 22nd June 2024


For all enquiries please email:  

Miss Sakura x

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